"Scrapyard" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY


"I'm a scared- I'm a scared-...?
One must believe in
Alter their image
Turn against ripping poles
In a tatter you shivered cold
No longer feeling
"This is my s-"
Accosted raising funds
From the son of time
Crawls to the corner
I want face and mind
One thing I look
Up at you leaks from the head
Nothing sheets plug [?] Dread
Leave it alone
Best left unsaid
There's tension
To destroy
Die infernal demon
Nervous nails
(Never deliver them?)
(Raising matters?)
(Why don't we?)
(Don't let it?)
Torture myself
[Whispered: tortures himself]
Please believe
Dirty daylight
Expression reveals
Best left unsaid
Cold and indifferent
Adjust the attitude
That the compass
Can confuse
Wherever shackle
Looks for refuge
Wherever falls the stone
Best left unsaid
This is (going by?) Oh, we all had to be addicted to one thing or another