"Love In Vein" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"Love In Vein"

Dreams not waking
Creeping down inside the quiet urns
Listen to the sound
Crashing down crashing into it

The needle is warm in the arm
Throat burns illusion pain pain pain
Walking down the street
See the vacant eyes dreaming of the dream unbroken
Economic repression plays a part
I wonder what I'm going through...pain

Wasted away island body in a darkened see
To avoid chattering taped tape taping human muttering
Warning flicker lights the candle burns inside
A pain that never dies crawls up the back and waits for the lies
Tall climb edges exhausts no night climbing higher
Crawls wicked wire cut throat explodes singing of the the vein
No desire
Great fate

Human heart explodes attacking
Pointed sticks in sores the arms
Where's the warning warning shot the lights out
Where's the warning

Needle is warm in the arm
Travels to the heart human heart flags the blood

A halo of fire scarring
Made of flame the flower flavor find its worth
Calls the tripping strings supporting the game of life
The pain
Broken chairs that horror tray of fear
Where is the warning warning killing me

? human heart
Except my patience is giving up on me

River of track mark volcano
Upon the arm open sores allowing ants to crawl in
And I wonder if I missed the warning missed the warning
Casting away varnish crack ants symbolize decay
Missed the warning missed the vein
Reaching out crying for where is the warning
A heart exploding human heart attack