"Coming Home Tonight" lyrics - SMOKIE

"Coming Home Tonight"

Waiting in a lonely home
A fire burning low
A thousand miles between us
god knows, I had to go
But distance can be overcome
In the beating of a heart
Just put your arms around yourself
Believe I'm not that far
Remember that I told you
That I'd prove my love is true
and if you wait a little longer
I'll be coming home to you
Tonight, when all the lights go down
tonight, we'll dream about the love we've found
tonight, when all the lights are low
We'll l?hide away in yesterday
and I won't have to go
A year can seem alifetime
to leave someone like you
So many sleepless nights I've spent
Reaching out for yu
The price of dedication is everything i own
But there is someone that I can't gibe up
without you, why go on?
Tonight, when all the lights go down...
Tonight, when all the lights go down...