"Love Can Change Your Heart" lyrics - SMOKIE

"Love Can Change Your Heart"

I still feel so good, when you touch my hand
And a world of fear just fades away
sometimes words come easy
But they don't seem right
and I can't say what I feel tonight
I'm lonely when you go away
I just want you here forever
I believe in, I believe in love can change
your heart
I believe in, I believe in love can make it
I just can't let gor
I still think about you when I'm on my own
So I'll just wait till love comes home
sometimes I go crazy but what can I do
There's a fire tonight and it burns for you
And time won't ease the pain I feel
I know we could be in love forever
I believe in,...
Hold me now, hold me now
don't let this love die
touch me now, I feel somehow
We could make this last forever
I believe in,...
I believe in,...