"The Rain Came Down" lyrics - SMOKIE

"The Rain Came Down"

I called you on the phone tonight
Said you were doing fine
I held my breath, said I'm alright
but we red between the lines
I asked you are you all alone
you paused before you answered
I swallowed hard, apologised
You said it doesn't matter
and then the rain came down
the rain came down
Like tears against my window pane
They cry instead of me
My heart is numb and cries no more
for fading memories
but still the rain comes down
the rain comes down
Just like tears from up above
Falling down upon my world
well I just can't comprehend
How it all went wrong back then
should have held on,
should have been strong
should have never let it end
your photgraph's still standing here
Feels like you're watching me
But photograph's can't fill this space
Or give the love I need
Still the rain comes down
The rain comes down