"Minion" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD


A minion of the citadel
I gave it up and left my post
A stronghold neither strong nor held
And now you're totally exposed

Feeling overcome
Feel like I could come undone
Feel it welling up
And spilling over this fragile cup

A wall I couldn't see beyond
An end I couldn't have forseen
A waving of a magic wand
A dream I didn't dare to dream

Threat of consequence gave me cinder blocks for shoes
No need for common sense, her control was set to cruise
A horse with blinders on, I kept trotting straight ahead
A dog who sits and begs for the garbage that he's fed

Some stories need to be revised
Some players need to be recast
It's sobering to realize
Some ever afters were never meant to last

And now you've found your tower is on the ground in pieces
The fortress you prized, but never bothered to fortify its weakness
A coward you say, but I knew this would come some day
And it wouldn't take much to come down
So I turned the page, wanting more than a servants wage
I won't be a slave to the crown
It's noble enough to stay in the ruins like a captain who chooses to sink
It's noble but then you always had fixed your eyes on keeping your nobility