"To Be Free Again" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD

"To Be Free Again"

My hat in hand as I heard the news
Now I'm leaving the fold forever
While walking a mile in the old man's shoes
I'm chasing rainbow weather
Someone drew me a map so I'm never coming back round here

They showed me the ghost of a grand design
Gone with the change of the seasons
A glimpse of a world someone left to find
Held out of reach for a reason
All their dreams and plans I can't understand

Breathe in the morning light
On the wing taking flight
Conscious and clear
Hearing destiny call
Come and grow young with me
Life as it's meant to be
Life in a world where the sky never falls
See the road ahead
That's the way he said
Pack your bags we're leaving today
Here in our hearts and hands
We hold the promised land
We'll find our future and there we will stay
To be free again

So there I was in a waking dream
Time ran slow as summer
When far from the valley cross the stream
I heard the pipes and the drummers
So I followed the sound as the stars shone down

The bodies we grow old in
As skin displays the scars
The bones like prison bars that hold us
No man escapes unscathed
So raise a glass to change and all it brings

There comes a time we stumble
Then comes a time we fall
But we crawl again until we're walking
Talking sense again
And soon we're on the mend and on our way