"Tides Of Time" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD

"Tides Of Time"

Tell me how to begin
To pay you back for all your sins
Blindsided by the truth
You cannot hide, I cannot win
Accept your settled fate
To you, I'm an outcast... a renegade
But it's far, far down the well to fall
And you haven't seen the worst of it yet
You did it once and that's enough
I couldn't see to call your bluff
And your plans have all unraveled now
I guess that's how it goes
As the darkness creeps into the light
It gets much harder to tell wrong from right
I can't see anymore...

Another slave to circumstance
You sail the tides of time
No longer in your grasp
You're tethered to the line
You thought you'd know by now
But know it you do not
That it's a hardcore cross to bear
When pain is all you've got

And when I finally looked inside of me
I didn't find the man I thought I'd be
Now there's nowhere to hide
From the truth of it all
Another charge into the great unknown
And I hope I can find my way home...

I alone have borne the sacrifice
Set upon to pay the highest price
For a life of misery and pain
Lay it out for everyone to see
Couldn't be worse than what you did to me
There's no one at the wheel
And now we're off the tracks