"Aren't You Hungry?" lyrics - STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH

"Aren't You Hungry?"

Sitting in my kitchen
Stuffed from having ate
What should I do now
With what's left on my plate
Maybe I should save it
But nah, I got the cash
Think I'll take the easy way
And throw it in the trash

USA for you, okay
What a fucking scam
Charity begins at home
What about our land?
America has problems
That's what should come first
Don't look to us for charity
To feed and quench your thirst

Aren't you hungry? Are you still hungry?

Looking for a free buffet
In an alley on the way
To your meeting at A.A.
Loser's lunch is on today
Chicken, finger lickin' good
Mashed potatoes, gravy too!
Raspberry dressing, yum!
Don't you wish that you had some?

I think of people starving
Do you think I care?
Let them all die hungry
So I can breathe their air