"Make Room, Make Room" lyrics - STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH

"Make Room, Make Room"

I saw a profile sticker just other day
Another fool who has no right to procreate
Elbows bumping, tempers growing
Veins bulge in my neck and eyes
We're just a bunch of animals
That fuck to survive... we gotta

Make room, make room
Spread the fuck right out
Make room, make room
For the hand of doom
I built a wall around myself, form a world that's on the brink
There's a problem with my armor
'Cause there's just too many chinks

Cyanide the water supply, take a drink and watch 'em die
Release ebola in the air, swell and bleed out everywhere
Sarin gas for you to smell, take a train ride, next stop hell

A Y2K census and we're all filled up
Like a thick head of beer overflowing its cup
A culling of humans, a matter of space
Like herd management for the human race

Line 'em up against the wall, aim and fire, send in more
Dynamite, hand grenades, cold Guyanin lemonade
Judas Priest pumpin' loud, pump your shot gut, listen-POW!
Poisoned, stabbed, mass contusion, chop 'em, burn 'em, fuck it - nuke 'em
Fuckin' nuke 'em

There's too many people
Too many mouths to feed
What is the solution?
When billions need to eat
There's not enough space
Nowhere to put our waste

With a little salt and pepper
How do you think we'll taste?