"Free Dirty Needles" lyrics - STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH

"Free Dirty Needles"

Junkie, crackhead, drugged out punk
Sleeping in the dirt and piss
Scheming of a better way
Shit out of luck, he needs his fix
Dirty, stinky, smelly bum
Rotten teeth and bleeding gums
Lying, crying "Always me"
Wanter of everything, everything free

Why should I care, or shed a tear
Life isn't fair, life isn't sweet
Return to the dirt and piss where you sleep
With free dirty needles
And your rotten teeth... go!

Put it off, procrastinator
Jacking off, alley masturbation
Burden on society
Working to fulfill your only true need
Windshield washer, candy man
Garbage picker, counting cans
Bumming change from you and me
And claims he's the victim of society

Free dirty needles

Dirty like you
Push hard to stick
Pincushion prick

Free dirty needles for you!