"Copenhagen" lyrics - STRAWBS


Several years ago, a day in early spring
In a Copenhagen bar, I heard a skylark sing.

In a slow speed silent movie there's a snow kissed winter scene
Your pretty face is glistening with tears in that half remembered moment
Silent and serene, the town hall bells are chiming down the years.

A simple pack of crayons, a pavement master class
On a city centre street our fortunes came to pass.

They washed away your cartoons in the Copenhagen rain
You were drifting in the mull of broken dreams
A thin veneer of laughter hid the tantrums and the pain
A photograph is seldom what it seems.

Magic as in lantern pastel colours bright
Treading through the blossom in the softly fading light.

A cutting from a paper on the entertainment page
It's good to catch the ink before it dries
The audience was drawn to a Tivoli Garden stage
Our future passed before us through their eyes.