"The Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby" lyrics - STRAWBS

"The Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby"

I was told about a man who would never leave Grimsby
And that may sound strange but his heart was in that town
With his friends and his family
And to make him leave would be pain indeed.

Now he could have toured the world, he was highly respected
But to make him go would be ripping out his heart
And leaving him restless
So to see him play, go the Grimsby way.

'Cause he had a little love but he gives a lot of love
It doesn't matter where he is if you've got a little love
And you give a lot of love, it doesn't matter where you are
It's up to you, you could be in Grimsby too.

Got a letter from a boy from a village in Kenya
He was such a fan, so smitten by the band
They called him the Strawbs Boy and that made him proud
He would play us loud in the letter Lucky wrote
That he'd been to Nairobi which I found quite sad.

Because he said he looked around but he couldn't see me
With a faith like that, how I wish he had.

Lucky had a little love and he gave a lot of love
Didn't matter where he was.

If you ever meet the man who would never leave Grimsby
Try to make him see that the home is in the heart
And you carry it with you
You may never leave and your spirit's free.