"Dim Veil Of Obscurity" lyrics - SUFFOCATION

"Dim Veil Of Obscurity"

What is it that they praise?
A man-made presence that's never been seen
Leading humanity towards conceptual hypocrisy
Subconsciously induced
Within weak-minded individuals
Mentally unable to accept the end is already here

Unwilling to pierce through the dim veil of obscurity
Leaving them in the dark, unable to see
They are slaves, condemned by devious heretics

Embedding their sacrilegious beliefs
Within the ancient hymns
Proclaiming themselves as divine beings
Descendants from above
Creating a race in their own image
With the intentions of controlling this world diabolically

I denounce this deceit
From their tongues
Which diverts the passage of mankind
Bound by an oath of lies

Maliciously vile and so disturbing
In what they have preached
Throughout the centuries, concealing ancestral origins
So they shall never know
Why they were created

Unless they remove the veil
Shrouding the consciousness placed upon all men
When conceived, diminishing what can be perceived

So they could appease their selfish needs to become gods and be worshipped
I bow to no one
No one