"Perpetual Deception" lyrics - SUFFOCATION

"Perpetual Deception"

Scriptures are falsified
Leading to delusions
Mankind shan't be blessed as one of the divine

Ordained upon the throne
A king of all kings
Praised as a deity
Embraced to be invoked through infamy

Delusive embellished treachery
Spewed forth by this infidelity

Exalting a theory
Enshrined by martyrs
Exploiting ignorance
Abandon hope and faith
That was emphatically
Embedded since the beginning

Never ending

Altering predestined fate that's sacrilegious
Denouncing inheritance of the righteous ones

Deny this mortal progeny
Alleged begotten son
Messiah and prophet
Implementing lunacy
Perpetual deception
Preaching it's the will of god
To accept his holy
Prophetic deed
Sick psychotic thoughts
A defiled mind contemplates
No repentance
The existence of this being is blasphemy

Heed these words herein
Appointed majesty
Savior for all
One man can not
Bear the burden
Of sin


Where's your savior now?