"Embrace The Suffering" lyrics - SUFFOCATION

"Embrace The Suffering"

Unbodied whispers
Summon oppressed thoughts
Buried in the darkest parts of my mind
Detaching myself from what I've become
So I don't feel any remorse
When I kill the innocent

Manipulating my consciousness
Conceding voices that dwell within
Stalking victims afar
Awaiting the moment till they're alone
The element of surprise
Approaching them from behind
A vicious blow to the head
Fractured skull hemorrhaging
Unconscious, barely breathing
Gagged tied and dragged to my kingdom

Where I am god
Deciding if you shall live
Not before I brutally beat and mutilate you
Hanging by your weak and fragile limbs
Cutting into your flesh
Convulsing uncontrollably
Discharging body fluids
Praying and pleading for me to stop
Your begging falls on deaf ears
There's nothing that you can do
These next moments will be your last
Embrace the suffering

Drenched in blood
From your wounds
Screams of pain
Fills the room
"Why me?"
You are here to appease
The voices inside, inside my head
Hear it
Constantly repeating
Kill them
Kill the innocent
For us
I must silence them
With this offering

Tortured, raped, and killed
Embrace the suffering