"Annemarie" lyrics - SUZANNE VEGA

(Duncan Sheik / Suzanne Vega)

I saw your face
I'd knew you'd haunt me
For all... of my life.
Rising above me.
If you could want me, I'd be
No man's wife.

Everyone sees you
Everyone knows you
How can I possibly compare?
Who could attain you, with
All of your pain, who could
Possibly hold one so fair?
Terror, pity, love.

Brilliant and stormy
Her perfect beauty
She moves through the world. With
Money and family
She glitters with trouble she's that
Kind of girl

Everyone wants you
Everyone loves you
How can I possibly compete?
Who can explain you
With all of your pain, who
Could possibly make you complet
Terror pity love.

If I could see God
His face would be sacred
Like yours... Annemarie
But God's face is hidden and
Your face is suddenly
All I can see

Everyone worships you
Everyone needs you
How can I possibly complain?
Who will contain you,
With all of your pain, could I
Gather up all that you remain?
Terror pity love.