"Harper Lee" lyrics - SUZANNE VEGA

"Harper Lee"
(Duncan Sheik / Suzanne Vega)

Virginia Woolf
She leaves me cold
I recognize the genius
But I'm twice as bold

I have more to say
Than Hemingway
Lord knows, compared to Faulker
I say it in a better way

Graham Greene
He loves me
He loves my poetic

Katherine Anne Porter
Might be the best one now
But in about a year
I'm gonna show her how

Yes I will

Said to Reeves the other day
Proust really is the man
Who comforts me in a way
No other writer can

The timeless quality of the work
The length! Is very long
Believe me Marcel Proust goes on
And on and on and on. 7 volumes

Oh, Harper. Harper
Lee. Lee. Lee
She only wrote that one book
I've written more than three

Darling Tennessee Williams
It's anybody's guess
Why "Streetcar" made millions
And "Wedding" so much less

I will forever be pondering that one

Oh, Harper. Harper
Lee. Lee. Lee
Why do they always compare her to me
To me

Won't even talk about
Eudora Welty
As for F. Scott, my Sad Cafe
Is greater than his Gatsby
I'm just telling you
What someone told me they read
I never look at my reviews
They might give me the big head
Now Truman Capote was hypnotized
Mesmerized. 'cause he realized
That I knew that he knew
That he had plagiarized

My cadences!
Imagine his surprise,
You'll see it in his eyes
When I win that Nobel Prize

Thank you. Thank you so very much

Harper. Harper
Lee. Lee. Lee
Why do they always compare her to me
To me

She always seems to be receiving
More than she deserves
Honey, she's poaching on
My literary preserves

Yes from Harper Lee
We have seen and we've heard and
I'd like to kill more than just
That mocking bird

You know, sometimes I really would
So you just wait until next year