"Instant Of The Hour After" lyrics - SUZANNE VEGA

"Instant Of The Hour After"
(Duncan Sheik / Suzanne Vega)

That's enough
Out of you
My darling
This show is over for now
The monkey is dead
I detest all this drunken brawling
Now let's see if you can make
It into this bed

How I love you
How I loathe you

It's a sharp, quick love
I feel
My darling
You're not as drunk as you seem
So why pretend
On your cheek, that sweet
Shadow falling
The pulse in your neck, how I'll
Know it, right to the end

How I love you
How I loathe you

All you can say is:
"Reverberating acuity"
"Lousy simile"
"Vacant majesty"

In the instant of the hour after

Well right now
It's you and me. My darling
Trapped here inside of this bottle
Drowning like flies
When the frenzy's over
We're crawling
Spent and exhausted
We press to the sides

How I love you
How I loathe you