"In London (Interlude)" lyrics - TANK AND THE BANGAS

"In London (Interlude)"
(Tarriona 'Tank' Ball / Robert Glasper)

July fourteenth
All everybody do is lay
We lay all day
Even I lay, and I hate it 'cause I feel so unproductive
The days, they goin' by fast too
It's already been a week, that's really fast
And we came across so many blessings and yet I still feel the same numbness
I want to appreciate every moment and not feel entitled to the things that people do for me
Then it hits me
Do more kind things
So I can know what it feels like
I feel mostly envy at times
Special, unspecial, lazy, critical
Entitled, lazy
And unloved
I'm constantly reminding myself why I am just so I wasn't treated like I'm at home, I mean
We freaking crossed an entire sea
The most high goddess here safe
There has to be a reason for that, right?

It's all passing by, by
It's all panning, been a week
Yet I feel passing