"Too High (Prelude)" lyrics - TANK AND THE BANGAS

"Too High (Prelude)"
(Tarriona 'Tank' Ball / Shacondria Sibley)

So (Yes)
I used to be getting high every day
Smokin' a lil' roach, havin' me a good lil' day
You know what I'm sayin'?
And then I started to feel very guilty
'Cause I wasn't doin' no work
So I would equate getting high with feeling guilty
And every time I got high I felt an immense amount of guilt and I could not enjoy the high any more, right?
I could not enjoy it
I started feeling paranoid
I would call my family every time I got high, I still probably do
Just 'cause I just feel fuckin' emotional, I just be like, "Hey Sis, hey Ma"
All on the road and shit
And then, um...
So I just stopped completely 'cause I didn't wanna feel guilty about it
And then one day I was in California with Suave havin' some good lil' weed and just enjoying my... no!
Havin' a fuckin' edible mixed with some fuckin' weed
Went outside, backyard, Chris and them growing a garden and shit
You know, I'm like
Nice little backyard, just sitting down chilling, smoking
And just started working on shit, just working on shit
Because the weed allowed me to see that I wasn't working on shit
It allowed me to face that lazy demon inside
It was like, "You ain't doin' nothin'
You like really chill and you wrong for that
You layin' on that gift, huh?
You gon' regret that shit
Bein' lazy, huh? You ain't doin' shit"
And I was like, "I'm not" and I felt so...
I need to do something
That's what it does to me
It's the type of time I like to not do nothin'
I really don't wan' get high
'Cause it remind me that I have to do somethin'