"Smoke.Netflix.Chill." lyrics - TANK AND THE BANGAS



In a drunken stupor, looking stupider (Stupider)
I don't know where the time went
I sent a long text message, embarrassed, reckless
Outside your apartment
But I gotta get out my head, ol' head of mine (Mine, mine, mine)
I get high so I can be honest
You used to come over and roll up
But nowadays, honestly, you don't show up
You're only consistent with being inconsistent
Grow up

[Chorus 1:]
Do you wanna smoke, Netflix, chill?
Smoke (Ooh-ooh), Netflix, chill
Smoke, Netflix, chill
Just be honest, be real

Man, you were really cool back then
Really fly back when
We lay back, we light one, we get lit, do dumb shit
It's kinda funny how we got started
When I think about it
"Ain't you Devin friend?" (That's Devin's friend)
He saw me at a party
He ask me if I had a boyfriend
Texting to the dawn, slight yawn, feeling hella bent
Alcohol got me feelin' giddy, kinda confident
Not too confident, getting swayed by a compliment
Tried your luck, text me "come by", you want to see me
You got a movie
It's kinda silly but not really
The kind of movie put you in your feelys
But on the really, babe, I'm not gon' come unless you with me
So tell me if you wanna

[Chorus 2:]
Smoke, Netflix, chill
Smoke (Ooh-ooh), Netflix, chill
Smoke, Netflix, chill
Just be honest, be real

We used to be so high, like, "Whoa, guy"
Now what you think you doin', what you tryna ruin?
Everything that ever meant something
Tell me, baby, why would you wanna?
Besides, I read it in the last text (What text?)
That you sent (That who sent?)
Well, she sent, but you know what I meant
Can I get some honesty? What aren't you tellin' me?
'Cause we, we, we used to talk all night
Connected like the Wii, Wii, Wii
Pay subscriptions, pay attention (You childish)
And now you acting different, real distant
Are you looking for a reason not to be here
Well, you can't hide it, I feel like we're divided
Like all you want is sexin' and then we back to textin'
Well, I don't want it no more
That's when you knock on the door
And I crumble, be humble, so dumb then we

[Chorus 3:]
Smoke, Netflix, chill
Smoke (Ooh-ooh), Netflix, chill
Smoke (Netflix), Netflix, chill
Just be honest

Then you get high like a blimp
And like a chip, you just dip
And then you come over
Feeling on my booty and shit
So dumb, but we, yeah