"Don't Stop Me Now" lyrics - THE MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP

"Don't Stop Me Now"

I can't be sure but did I get it right
Yeah! You're watching me
I think you should begin
Start bringing out the man
Let's share the mystery
Can it be you're just playing a little game
I'll never be the same again
Never had a feeling such as this
Lord I'm going overboard
You're like a nuclear division
Coming at me from all sides
About to explode
Can it be you're just leading me astray
I can't believe the things you say
Your innocence your little school girl eyes
Take me to your paradise

Don't stop me now
You might ruin everything
Don't stop me now
The animal is free again

Night time finds me in the danger zone
My defenses are down
Captured by your every move I'm lost
Gotta get myself on course
I can feel the silence coming through
I wanna be a part of you
Waiting for that moment of surprise
Tonight there'll be no compromise


Lights are flashing all around me now
It's all systems go
Release yourself just let your feelings show
Experience can make you grow
Can it be you've got something on your mind
I'd do anything to find
Imagination running wild in me
Ragin' now in ecstasy