"No Time For Losers" lyrics - THE MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP

"No Time For Losers"
(M.Schenker/R. McAauley)

The past is over the future's here
Get drunk on memories of yesteryear
We're gonna stop!
Our whole existence computerized
Yet still we stand up and we criticize
We're gonna stop!

No time for losers
Stop hiding in the shadows, no time to lose
No time for losers
Look for the things that matter
No time to lose

The life we're living takes precedent
We don't ask for permission
We don't need your consent
We're gonna stop!


Don't forget to smile
Children need a happy face
To make it all worthwhile
We'll change this kinda lifestyle
Bring out the best in me
Bring out the best in you
We never take time for little things
How quick we forget our romancing
We're not gonna stop
The past is over, the future's here
We're all drunk on memories of yesteryear