"This Broken Heart" lyrics - THE MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP

"This Broken Heart"

One thing I know.
Only get better
You only gotta keep it under control
And if you like it.
Just reach out and touch it
No one can stop you
Cos' your heart knows how to take it
How many times did you think.
You're goin crazy
Over and over till you nearly lost your mind
How many times in your life
Did it come easy
I tell you nothin'
Cos' nothin don't come easy, easy!
Temptations hard to mike the right decisions
In this city where hearts are made of stone
Broken promises in love
I should have known it
They'll screw you over
If you don't know how lo beat it
How many limes have you heard,
I really love you
And you believe it, cos' you believe in love
How many times have you cried
When the doors were slammin'
Until your world was crashin' in
From up above
Oh.' This broken heart
Oh! This broken heart
I'm breakin' from these emotions
I need lo mend this broken heart
I'm breakin' to find a brand new start

Keep movin' on, runnin' with the changes
You'll be much stronger
More than ever before
No one can break
Somethin' already broken
In little pieces, when the words
Are freshly spoken
How many times did you think
You knew the answers
To all the problems
That you had on your mind
How many times have you
Tried to turn your life around
Just keep on tryin' till you reach for more solid