"We Believe In Love" lyrics - THE MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP

"We Believe In Love"

It started with a smile.
With a touching glance
From right across the room
To start our new romance
Never said a word
But the air was full of talk
In next to no time.
We were laughin' at each other's jokes
You knew that I believed in you
Didn't know you'd scare that easy
lnstead of giving me a chance,
You shut me out completely
I believe the day will come
When our love will be one
And all that we once shared
Cos' we believe in Iove
Two hearts that trust in everything
For our love is indeed
The greatest love
(Cos' we believe in Iove)
You say YOU need my friendship
Do you know what friends are for?
We made love most every day
Is that the kind of friend
You're lookin' for?
Said you wonna be alone
That you ain't got time for love
But don'f forget who you're talkin' to
I was all of that above
Tell me what you're gonna do
When you wake up felling lonely
Will you pick up the phone and call me
And tell me you've changed your mind
I don't understand. I'm a lovin' man
Said I made you feel like nobody else
Can I love you more
Said I found your secret door
Like a thief in the night
You walked out of my life
If it takes a lifetime.
Girl. you know I'm gonna find you
I never would've thought
That you'd leave me behind you
It makes no difference
Who you're gonna see
There ain't no one in the world
Ever gonna replace me
Just you wait and see
We believe in love