"Amity" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

(Doug Fleet / Guy Fletcher)

Gimmie your hand, it's so good to see you
Where have you been all this time
The block's sure changed some since you been gone
C'mon by and have a little wine

I remember the last time that I saw you
You were just another skinny kid
You always told me you'd grow up a lady
I didn't think you would but it seems you did

Amity, I gotta tell you
But don't you dare to laugh out loud
You know I loved you the way that only kids do
But nothing like the way I love you now

Do you remember Ma, she thought highly of you
It's been two years now since she's been gone
But we still got Pa, it'd make him happy if you'd come by
You were the dream he had for his son

Let's make the time to wine and dine at Frank-O's
I bet you all the heads will turn
But there is no way I'm gonna lose you little lady
You've become a part of me, you're my concern