"Down The Hall" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Down The Hall"
(Mike Reid / Troy Seals)

I've never been to the islands where the palm trees grow so tall
I've never been teased by that sweet ocean breeze
But I've been down the hall

I've never been to Paris, or even to Niagara Falls
But that's alright, 'cause oh, the night
That I've been down the hall

Down the hall, sweet Joanna
Down the hall is paradise
Oh you wouldn't believe the things I see
When she turns out the lights

People have gazed and wandered upon the great China wall
But I can honestly say from right where we lay
I haven't missed a thing at all
'Cause I've been down the hall

Some say they cannot imagine
Believin' in a world so small
They don't know the places I go
When I go down the hall