"I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today"
(Will Jennings / Joe Sample)

There were times I remember had to fight just to hold my head up
Those times that even my friends tried to make a fool of me
There were things that my heart looked at that they just couldn't see

Some said I was hopeless
Mind tangled in the night
Strong hearts just keep goin'
That is why I'm standing here today

Come together raise up your voices
This time I saw the love and light won't go away
I'll sing forever here in the sunshine
I've lived to see the sun break the storm
I'm so glad I'm standing here today

If you're lost in your troubles and the world just seems to forget you
If you'll remember sunshine even in the darkest day
And you follow what your heart says I know you'll find the way