"My Girl Friday" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"My Girl Friday"
(Carl Jackson / Curtis Wright)

She stands there with her suitcase
We've been through all this before
I know it's gonna hurt me
When she walks out the door
I wish things could be different
We didn't have to say goodbye
But someone else is in the picture
And we don't see eye to eye

The minute that she leaves here
She'll run straight into their arms
Gotta find the strength to let her go
Although it breaks my heart
One last time I hold her tightly
And kiss her on the cheek
As she rushes to the car I'm left
To face the lonely week

She's my girl Friday as far as I'm concerned
I'm lost without her don't know which way to turn
Thursday takes forever and Monday comes too soon
But at least she's my girl Friday till Sunday afternoon

She stands up in the back seat
And softly waves goodbye
I turn away before I want to
She don't need to see me cry
I know that I'd go crazy
If it wasn't for the fact
That I'll always be her daddy
And they'll have to bring her back