"Saving Grace" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Saving Grace"
(Jerry Salley / Charles A. Wilburn)

Lately Grace hasn't been herself
And he's noticed the change
Like forgetting friends they've known for years
And misplacing all her things
He'd make a joke and they'd both laugh
And blame it on old age
But it's not funny anymore
She can't remember her name

He believes way down deep she still knows who he is
Forty years of memories just can't disappear like this
The doctors say it's hopeless
Her past has been erased
So he'll spend the rest of his life saving Grace

Raised five kids on a farmers pay
Vietnam took his son
But watching Grace live like this
Is the hardest thing he's done
He sits there by her bed sometimes while she's fast asleep
Tells her all about herself
Strokes her hair and weeps

The woman that he's loved for years
Is trapped somewhere in the pain
Tonight he swears she smiled at him and almost spoke his name