"Blaze Of The Borough" lyrics - THE TOY DOLLS

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THE TOY DOLLS lyrics - Blaze Of The Borough
"Blaze Of The Borough"

Jimmy's running short o' cash,
The bar takings have took a crash
Jimmy can't think what to do,
The bills in from the local breweryyyy Oi!

Jim's a nutcase round the twist,
Jimmy is an arsenist
Jimmy thinks nowt of the cost & sets
Alight to his own hosterlryyyyy

Flames grow high,
In the blaze of the borough Jimmy fried.
In the blaze of the borough,
The blaze of the borough

Windows cracked & bottles broke,
The bar & lounge were full o' smoke
Things would soon look bright n' sunny when
Jim claims the insurance money back Oi!
Jimmy's a crackpot, he forgot,
He was trapped inside, the clot
A ring of flames with Jimmy in the middle,
He'd cocked up his insurance fiddleoo

[Chorus]... [guitar bit]

Flames grow high, flames grow high,
In the borough ohhhhh Jimmy fried.
Oh yes he fried,nin the borough ohhhhh

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