"Poverty Pleadin' Peter" lyrics - THE TOY DOLLS

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THE TOY DOLLS lyrics - Poverty Pleadin' Peter
"Poverty Pleadin' Peter"

Peter's moanin' groanin' moanin', he can't pay his rent
But we've all seen Peter's bank statement
He says he's broke, he must be joking, he's doin' fine
It's no secret, Pete's a lucky swine

Peter's on his water bed & Peter says he's skint
But we all know that Peter's made a mint.

Peter's pleadin' poverty, he can't fool me
Coz Peter lives in luxury, he's got...... loadsa money!

Peter's got nowt, he's down & out, he tells me & you
But he signs in his BMW
He's got no bread, that's what Pete said, he can't make ends meet
Peter panics in his penthouse suite

What colour yacht should peter buy? Peter can't decide which
But it's no problem coz Peter's filthy rich.

[Chorus]...[guitar bit]


He's got.... a load o' dosh.

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