"Davey's Took The Plunge" lyrics - THE TOY DOLLS

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THE TOY DOLLS lyrics - Davey's Took The Plunge
"Davey's Took The Plunge"

Davey's life has changed dramatically, now
We warned him but the daft puff couldn't see
Jack the Lad, but he's lost his credibility now
He's took the plunge now he lives in misery

Had no choice when the vicar's voice put him on the spot
Davey's got hitched, Davey's been stitched up, Dave's a clot

Davey's not the Davey that I knew, now
He stays at home with the Mrs, & he never goes out
Davey does what she tells him to do, now
SHE'S A BAG that nags, it's about time he gave her a clout

[Chorus]... [guitar bit]

Davey's anniversary is due now
His face is as long as the river Nile
Davey will not admit that it's true, now
He's been cheesed off since he walked up the aisle


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