"Behind The Music" lyrics - THE VANDALS

"Behind The Music"

Well we finished up the record and we think that it's the shit-and we want it to go huge, but to play it off legit. And the guy in A&R's got the CD in his car and he thinks track 4 and 6 are contenders Put the play lists are so tight that we gotta do it right But he's getting a good feeling so we're gonna take a meeting with the radio promo and the marketing Homo's to see if we can get a green light.
So we waited by the phone and they finally let us know that the label is
Quote "Really excited"

This could be the big one, time to celebrate perhaps.
Our fate is in the hands of strangers-
Going gold- or down the hole- you can kiss my ass!

So we got a couple stations, we're in medium rotation
But the P.D. isn't sure if the single's gonna work
'Cause he's gotta play The Cure and The Psychedelic Furs
For the 80's flashback weekend
And our ad's are in the trades, and a video got made
And it cost a hundred grand, but we never got it played
And we're trying to hit the road, but the agent doesn't know
If there's enough in the budget for tour support
So we're playing local clubs, and we're trying to get a "buzz"
And we got a good review in "Music Connection"


In a last ditch effort to rally up the troops
We ignored our last statement- 7 figures unrecouped
'Cause we're in it for the art, but we'd like to see if chart
In the billboard "top one thousand"
And we gave it our best shot, but the label says we're dropped
And the drummer quit the band, and he's working for his dad
So we're doing auditions -
"That boy's good, give em the job"

[Chorus 2x]