"You Are My Everything" lyrics - THIRD DAY

"You Are My Everything"

Your eyes, they shine
Unlike anything I've ever seen
Your smile, it lights up the skies

I hear your voice
And it's given me a song to sing
Your fire, it's burning inside

So take my hand
Take my spirit and
Shine your light on me
Imagine my surprise
The fire in your eyes
More than I hoped it could be
You are my everything
You are my everything

My world was changed
From the moment that I saw your face
My life has finally begun

You are my everything
(When I'm lost in the dark)
You are my everything
(When I'm falling apart)
You are the song I sing
(I'll tell the world who You are)
You are my everything

Well, I've been in love before
But it's never felt like this
When you're knockin' at my door
How can I resist?
And I'll give you all I have
And I hope that you believe
I'd do anything you want in this world
Just to have you here with me
You are my everything

You are my everything...