"Best In Show II" lyrics - VIAGRA BOYS

"Best In Show II"
(Oskar Carls / Daniel Fagerstrom / Sebastian Murphy)

No wolf seems to wanna end up on the same note as any other in the choir
This is why a dog howling along with a group of singing humans is instantaneously noticeable
He is deliberately not in the same register as the other voices
And seems to revel in the discordant sound he is making
He thrives in his own decadence
He bathes in his own dirt
He does not conform to what society believes is best for him
He doesn't need to be Best In Show because it's his show
It's his party and he can kick and scream and cry if he wants to
He belongs not to the Earth, but the Earth belongs to him
He is unique, he is an individual, he is alone
(He is alone)