"Secret Canine Agent" lyrics - VIAGRA BOYS

"Secret Canine Agent"

Do you see that weimaraner
A-standin' there on the corner
Looks like he's listenin' in
On his clueless owner
That one that's shaped like a weiner
He's my information receiver
And everything gets relayed back to me
Then back to the golden retriever

He's a secret
Canine agent

Looks like he gave me a signal
Oh, when he lifted his paw
That means the beagle has landed
Tell all the rest of the dogs
Bet someone's wearin' a frogstrap
Yeah, somewhere here on the street
That chihuahua said he could smell it
Hope he don't realize that it's me, ah

He's a secret
Canine agent

He's a good boy
Well, he's my favorite
He's a secret
Canine agent