"To The Country" lyrics - VIAGRA BOYS

"To The Country"

Her eyes are red, it looks like she's been up all night
I met her by the water, that's where she spends most her time
And I wish she knew she don't have to party to hang out
You know I do other things than rambling around
And I apologize for showing up so dirty
But I know she doesn't mind even though she's never dirty
I could move in real soon, I don't have that much to carry
Got rid of most of it when I left in a hurry

We could get a house together somewhere on the country
You would be happier out there where no one's in a hurry
And I know I don't show it but I think that's what I want now
Just you and me, the dogs, and no drugs to bring us down, no

Out on the country
Out on the country

Out on the country, we could live like normal people
I could get a driver's license, drive you 'round to see things
And out on the country, we'd be real nice to each other
I wouldn't scream and yell and ramble 'bout my problems
Yeah, it would all work out if we moved to the country
It would be easier if we moved to the country (Country)

Out on the country

Just you and me, baby
The dogs, couple chickens in a chicken coop
That old Coupe DeVille that doesn't run
Maybe a little farm out back
We can grow potatoes and carrots and uh
Sit around on a Sunday night in front of the fire
Just look out at the night sky

Out on the country