"Jungle Man" lyrics - VIAGRA BOYS

"Jungle Man"

When I speak about it
Nobody understands
All the secrets of the jungle that I learned
When I met the jungle man

I can open up a coconut
With the side of my hand
I learned that while growin' up
With the Jungle Man

He taught me how to lose a bet
And how to drink a thousand beers
He taught me seven different languages
And how to disappear

I learned how to make medicine
Appear into my hand
I learned how to get in trouble
From the Jungle Man

He taught me how to sleep standin' up
And how to swim on land
And how to go three weeks
Without eatin' anythin'

He told me how to steal somebody's phone
And climb the highest tree
Now I know how to break into somebody's home
And smoke a pound
Of that jungle weed, yeah

That Jungle Man

I learned how to kill a pig
With nothing but my hands
I learned how to scream and shout
And do the jungle dance

The jungle dance
Oh, do the jungle dance

I learned it from the jungle man

I got everything I got
From the jungle man

The Jungle Man