"Shrimp Shack" lyrics - VIAGRA BOYS

"Shrimp Shack"

I put a towel
In a bag
With formaldehyde
I put that shit
Up to my mouth
And get really high
Don't give a fuck
About these people
Following me
Down the street
Want a part
Of my life
Can't you see?

I'm surfin'
I'm fuckin' surfin'
I'm surfin'

I gave your dog
A little snack
I met your mom
Down at the Shrimp Shack
She asked me then
"Where you been?"
I lied to her
And told her I didn't know
Took off my shirt
And so did she
We rolled in the dirt
And got dirty

I'm surfin'
Surfin' with your mom
Surfin' through life
Give a shit about anything
I'm in the dirt
With your mom in the dirt

Surfin' with your mom
In the motherfuckin' dirt
I don't give a shit
If I get mud on my shirt

I'm that guy
Surfin' by
On a fuckin'
Shrimp sandwich
I got mud
On my shirt
But I don't care, bitch