"Just Like You" lyrics - VIAGRA BOYS

"Just Like You"

It was all a dream
But it was so nice
I had a nice house
And such a loving wife
We had a little dog
Such a little dog
Oh but it reminded me of a large dog
Just in miniature size
And I saw life
Without upset family members
It was so clear I still remember
I'd risen from the fiery embers
Risen from the fiery embers

Well, I could see
That in this dream
I did it all with the help from my peers
And I said all I got
I got from the
Help of this wonderful society

I want to thank you
For all your love and support
I never made it
No, my father never made me do sports

And I'm so glad, I'm so glad
I never wandered down the wrong path
And ended up some kind of addict
Or a loser or some kind of some kind of

Some kind of psychopath
Just like you
I could have ended up just like you

But I woke up from this dream
I realized I was still sitting right here
In this same chair
With the same fucked up people
That surround me

And I say all I got
Is this shirt on my back
And my never-ending hate for this completely fucked up society
Yeah this fucked up society

Thank God I didn't go to school
Thank God I didn't end up
Just like you

Some kind of psychopath
Just like you