"Tonight We Ride" lyrics - WARRIOR

"Tonight We Ride"

Prepare the horses
Bring me my sword
Tonight we storm the gates
Of the castle of nevermore

Many will not return
But none will fear to die
We are the chosen ones
We've waited all our lives

Glorious heroes
They test our will
My wish is your command
Go forth and kill!

Tonight we ride [4x]

Cold armor against my flesh
A heavy metal skin
Now I feel the strength
Flowing from within

The final words of the hangman
"Never lose faith in the fight"
Vengeance will be ours
Before the morning light

Unleash the [?]
Avenge the dead
Scale the wall
Destroy the beast
Bring me his head!

Tonight we ride [4x]

[?] approaches
The time is here
Voice of the [?]
Is heard in the land

Hear me, oh, enemy
The end has been foretold
Messiah of the meek
Shall burn your mortal souls!

Up from the ashes
The [?] arised from the wicked
The apostle
Prepare to die!

Tonight we ride [4x]
We ride

Tonight we ride [3x]