"Stellarvore" lyrics - WATAIN


With the strength of the mountains
Come forth from the North; Agios Daimon!
With the hunger of oceans
Come forth from the West; Agios Daimon!
As fire and flame
Come forth from the South; Agios Daimon!
As thunder and storm
Come forth from the East; Agios Daimon!

In the darkness
In the nothingness of absent light
Where no life force is permitted to exist
From far beyond the borders
Where god not dares
The Serpent gloats in hunger

No star will shine tonight
No star, no matter how bright
Across the firmament goes its flight
A great darkness devouring the light

God of Death
God of Doom
Move and appear!

Spread thine countless tentacles
Across the universe
Let them spasm throughout
The labyrinth of trembling stars
Strangle their flickering flames
Eat them whole
Wander ancient Dragon
Across the cursed heavens

Yes, behold now as it opens
To swallow the world
And to melt the very essence of creation
The burning mouth of Samael
Through which all shall be reborn
Wide agape now in this final hour

And from its reeking darkness
A new kingdom shall ascend
Erected on the pillars
Of the ever-burning underworld
Can't you see the twisted branches
Of the tree of Death?
Rising now in putrid doom
At the center of the world!

Let us welcome the bringer of the end
With open arms
Let us adorn the gates to nothingness
With blood
Let us lay its enemies
Like palm leaves upon the path
On which the Lord is coming in glory

The upheaval of the ages
That naught shall shun
Time and space devoured as one
From your abode in the dark
Come forth; Thou who eats the stars!

God of Death
God of Doom
Move and appear!
God of Death
Strike once more