"The Serpent's Chalice" lyrics - WATAIN

"The Serpent's Chalice"

Wings of Satan, orb my heart!
It burns with love for you
And it is ready now, to receive thee
Claws of darkness, tear my soul!
For I have chosen the night
And branded its seal into my flesh
Lead me to the catacombs
Where light of neither sun nor moon
Disturbs the dark in vaults, possessed
By molten evil manifest
There I shall kiss the goat and piss on god
Sundering the molecules
That bind this world together with me

An abortion of the cosmic bride
Shunned like death and cast aside
Cross starless skies now let us ride

A spear of fire staked the skies
The graves sprung open
The chains that sealed the hungry deeps
Had now been broken

Open now, abode of Satan's powers!
Where the shells of evil burn
The very eyes of god
And the womb of the world
It is from this wellspring of blazing death
That light is flowing
Into the gleaming vessel of my Self
And thus I am filled
With the waters of Styx
Kingus blood
The Bane of god

Yes I Become the serpents chalice
And the power it bestows
A wisdom that exceeds Death
Virtues that all laws oppose
Firmly upheld
Amidst the horns aflame
Man and God
In fire one and same

Black flames from the deeps aspire
As in the chambers of my hearts desire
I limn thy brilliant potency in fire