"Brave New World" lyrics - WEEZER

"Brave New World"
(Rivers Cuomo / Linda Perry)

I've been scared to make a move
So much left for me to prove
I guess it's time for me to show what I've got
Things will never be the same
I may snuff the burning flame
Or I may prove to be much more than I thought

This is the dawning of a brave new world
I don't know where I'm going, but I know I'll figure it out, yeah
This is the dawning of a brave new world
No more hesitating, it's too late to turn back now, yeah

You can come along with me
Or if that's not your destiny
You can choose to go your way if you want
I will send my best to you
There are things I have to do
I can't wait no more, I've got to move on


It does not take this action
To see a chain reaction
Everyone, blossoming in the sun
(Ooh) We'd hate to leave our shelter
But there's so much waiting out there
If only we'd open our eyes and see
Woah... woah... woah... woah...