"I'm A G" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"I'm A G"
feat. Glasses Malone & ScHoolboy Q

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
Yeah, got my nigga G Malone here, see he a g too
He understand what it be like
See I just wanna throw my swag on really
But Top and Punch, they just wanna see a nigga laid back
You know what I mean? Laid back

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
You imaginary niggas perplex me
You should see the corny shit they do to impress me
Actin' like bitches backstage who wanna sex me
Or baseball gloves all day tryin' to catch me
I run it like a track meet, but you never met me
Attract heat like black clothes or crack co-caine
My brain on the grain like a veggie (I'm uncomfortable dog)
You irritatin' like a wedgie
In particular I'm a don, mega like the maker of Friday
With nothin' to do and no job
This chrome that I hold will leave you holy like you know God
Sin City, murder in abundance
Where mothers look like they always smell onions
Ride by the elementary and kids cussin'
And it's nothin' new to us you could do to us
So get your weapon or player just get to steppin' up the stairway to heaven

I'm a g from the floor
All the way up to the LA fitted up on my dome
They won't leave me alone (And I know)
You can't resist (And you don't)
Even exist
I see right through you niggas just like a ghost
'Cause I'm a g for sure

[Verse 2: Glasses Malone]
They say I talk big shit
I can't help it, I'm on my sixth whip
[?] gotta say some slick shit
I'm so screwed up just like a [?]
Bobby B, I used to pitch sticks
Every pour I was forced just to take a few whiffs
That's why I'm part eclectic
High all the time and my art reflects it
This is Watts where we spark detectives
And money can't even get you marks accepted
You need to chill with the g talk
'Cause half you rap bloods used to C-walk
Now all the fuckin' sudden you's a B dog
I been bangin' since hangin' by the seesaw
Niggas think bloodin' is a fad, on crip
Got my real blood homies lookin' bad


[Verse 3: Schoolboy Q]
Naw, I ain't into the tough talk
From the 1950's where we'd rather let our guns spark
Chill with your colored scarf, shots take your caps off
Close range with the burner, nigga, 'til your skull [?]
Get with shit, Top Dawg's one and only blue pit
All black four fifth dumpin' at your loose lips
Yeah I'm trippin', best believe a nigga crippin'
I'd even rob Obama if I catch the nigga slippin'
Catch a nigga dippin' nigga
Ridin' through the fifties on chucks lookin' crispy
Man I wish a nigga tempt me nigga
Bustin' 'til it's empty, done with the plan
Need to take a trip to hell and have the devil start prayin'
Hammer start sprayin', lead into my rifle
Make a nigga bleed just for fuckin' with my cycle
Bigger than the Eiffel
Tower, havin' power niggas softer than a flower
Time to make these cats devour


[Outro: Ab-Soul]
Yeah homie, you already know how it's goin' homie
It's west coast homie, best coast homie, better smoke
Know what I'm sayin', left side of the map, know what I'm sayin'
Straight up, come to the hood, fuck with us
Know what I'm sayin', straight up
I be at the Del Amo Swap Meet right now
With the corduroy house slippers on with the back folded down under the
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout, hey pass me a bigger rip