"Studio Life" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Studio Life"

You know what I mean?
I think that, as soon as the trend leaves, you know to be a rapper
You know, which is coming soon, you know
We can get back to just, you know, gettin' new flavor, new talent
You know what I mean? People that's really out here doin' it
'Cause we really do it, know what I'm sayin'
I live this
You're now listening to the beautiful sounds of Sounwave and Ab-Soul
Hey yo wizzle this shit sound real beautiful right here man
It's that real backpack rap shit right?
The cats that spin around on they head, they'll feel this
The niggas that walk around with they backpacks
Sayin' they love hip-hop
For real

5:30 in the morning I'm up
Cooking like a chef, rolling up a blunt
Momma say I need rest, I just need a puff
To put my mind in the clouds
With the birds and the planes and such, that's how I do it
Hit Wave up, lets make some music
It's therapeutic like lotion to bad skin
Heard there's a party later on, I should attend

'Cause I don't get out much (I be in the studio)
Y'all ain't about much
You might find me in the club with a mixed drink
Talking to the woman of your dreams, but just think
I don't get out much (I be in the studio)
Y'all ain't about much
Ab-Soul, sincerely yours
This is my song and that was the chorus

As you can see I make music for the people
Real is relative and we are all equal
I be in the lab like a scientist mad
At the world and I chemical react, to rap
How real is that? I'm on the grind
Like a synapse, keep that in mind
It's all facts, don't enter the line
Or you'll miss it
Much like a lover in the distance
Plus I'm persistent, gotta keep it moving
Like a army brat foreign exchange student
Keep a certain level of class, your ass truant
Hit the road buddy, I'm a home study
'Cause I don't get out much
Like a maniac straight jacket strapped up
Now that was a stretch, but nevertheless
I'm in the booth like concession stand
Workers and I'm the truth
And she wanna rendezvous, but


(You coming through tonight Soul?)
Of course!
That was Punchline from headquarters
He must have something for me
Beats by the batch, I can run through tracks
Ali can record me
Critics saying I'm the next Sean Corey
But I'm just Ab, like the muscle in your stomach
Trynna make history
Sit up and listen
As I kick victory in the mouth like women
She my main squeeze, like lemon
Add a little lime and you got yourself a Sprite
So I ain't thirsty for a function tonight
I'mma get it in, me and rap, she all I need
'Cause you know me


So what type of sound are you? What is Ab-Soul sounds?
I just say, human music
Cumin music
Human music, like my nigga K Dot said, know what I'm sayin'
It's a real thing, real feelings, real thoughts, real situations