"Mr. Ab-Soulutely" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Mr. Ab-Soulutely"

What's poppin' nigga
Hey, hey, you goin' to that turnt-ass party or what?
Oh, absolutely!

I'm in the club with the squadron, mobbin'
VIP section, with VVS diamonds
Shinin' on a nigga like, "Whaaat?"
No jewelry I make a princess cut
Whenever I want I do whatever I want
I get whatever I want, I'm a spoiled bastard
Skinny nigga but a nigga's pockets fatter
Step my game up to the top of the ladder
Put another ladder on top of the ladder
Now I'm so high that the sky don't matter
I know no limits, I go the distance
Status quo ain't co-existing
Soul brother like no brother
No chastity belt that means there's no restrictions
I get up in it and get up out it
And get back in it, she screamin' and shoutin'
Like she caught the holy ghost, call me when she home alone
No I'm not Macaulay Culkin, but I'm pokin'
Hoes like I'm supposed to, give me a stamp
I'm finna go postal on this trip
If you feel the same way get your hands up like
12 o'clock, 'cause it'll never stop
Yeah and she glad she knew me
Can I get that baby? "Absolutely"

She never tell me no, she say, "Absolutely"
How could she tell me no? I'm Mr. AB-SOULutely
I'm Mr. AB-SOULutely, meet Mr. AB-SOULutely
Yeah, yeah absolutely, yeah, yeah absolutely
"Hey Mr. AB-SOULutely, hey Mr. AB-SOULutely
Hey Mr. AB-SOULutely, hey Mr. AB-SOULutely
Hey Mr. AB-SOULutely, hey Mr. AB-SOULutely"
Yeah, yeah absolutely, yeah, yeah absolutely

I'm in a Lambo now
Big chips like I'm finna gamble now
Paparazzi shootin' at me like ammo now
Never duck, never run, just pull a smile
Woo, woo, look at that nigga
He a multi-million dollar lookin' ass nigga
Hey and I'm sippin' my drank
She gon' give me that brain, nigga fuck what you think
I'mma tell you like a nigga told me
Chase that cream nigga chase that green
Don't chase them hoes, play your role
Keep 'em in line waitin' to get yours
Give 'em some work, give 'em some shows
Let they boyfriend pay for they nails and toes
Yeah, yeah, absolutely
Black glasses Gucci and the bag is Louis
Full of bags of ooey, I am a d-boy
All that shit right there for me, boy
Ab-Soul, the asshole
The gas-stove, I'm on fire man
I've been advertised, but I'm flyer man
I gotta necklace on, but I'm off the chain
Yeah and she glad she knew me
Can I get that baby? "Absolutely"


Lot of artists out here that's just out here
Just to say they rappers, you know what I'm sayin'
See us, shake our hands at the video shoots and all of that
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
I ain't gon' call on no names, but y'all know who y'all are
You know they can't really rap, but they
They always got mixtapes comin' out
You know what I'm sayin'? But like