"Life Is Crazy" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Life Is Crazy"

Hey, you ever feel life is like
Nothing's going good
You know what I mean?

I know it gets hard sometimes
Just know it's all in your mind
As long as your heart still beatin'
You've got a reason to smile

Life is crazy
Never know what could happen 'til it happens
When it happens you'll be ready to face it
Time on Earth is precious, don't waste it
Life is crazy
One of your boys die, one of 'em have a baby
Today the sun shine, but tomorrow it's raining
And what could you do but see your way through
Keep your head up, baby, life is crazy

You could have all the money in the world, but be lonely as fuck
Nobody to trust, 'cause everybody out for your buck
Broke as a bitch, but the happiest camper
Why? 'cause I'm still alive! Great answer
You could love Newports, but be dyin' of cancer
Have a broke leg, but be an inspiring dancer
Fight for your country and get shot in the head, dog
Or get caught in the Crip hood with red on
Win the lottery and lose your ticket
Buy a new Boost Mobile without no minutes
You could have a TV, but can't afford cable
Be the best emcee unsigned to a label
You could have a nice lamp with a blown lightbulb
Be married to a stripper at your local nightclub
'Cause life is crazy and yes I could vouch
The truth hurts, can I get a, "Oww"?


You could have a brand new Benz with no gas in it
Horny, but your girlfriend's practicin' abstinence
Win a silver medal and still be called a loser
Get framed for a murder and don't even know the shooter
Have Internet with no computer
Your daughter could be the victim of a sexual abuser
Your father could not really be your father, but a replacement
And you don't even know, he beat your ass like he made you
You could have a job and get laid off
Break both arms and watch people play golf
Paint a picture blind or spit a rhyme on mute
A chick say you're ugly, but your momma say you're cute
Somebody just scuffed your new Timbo's, shit
You could hear this song and think I'm talkin' 'bout you
'Cause life is crazy and yes I could vouch
The truth hurts, can I get a, "Oww"?